Refreshed and Recharged (aka Looooong photo post)

I’ll just describe one of the days I had on the Island Up North by sharing a few pics I took on the 4-hour walk I took. Hope the pics relax you as much as these few days off have relaxed me.

Well, I stepped out the door onto the patio, and this is what I saw: seriously cute hedgehog! Sunbathing! Way to make my day!Sunbathing Hedgehog

Then it was only a few minutes until I was in the middle of this:


Yay! Woodsyland all around and no-on else in sight or sound! So I wandered around in the wooded area for a while. The last time I was here was two years ago, and the area is still fantastic. Well, it should be, it is a National Park after all.

So after about half an hour of getting myself lost in the woods (not really, I know the area and I had a map with me, just in case), I came to a bit of the woods that I think is really fun: the kids’ hiking trail. They’ve set it up with cool wood carvings in unexpected and sometimes half-hidden places, and it’s up to the kids to find them all. I’ll give you an easy one:

Froggy and Stream

Then I decided that I wanted to see the sea today as well. So off I went, across the fields,

Texel Fields

through the dunes,

Texel Dunes

to the beach. There, the first thing I saw was what resembled a black rock on the soft end of the beach. Upon closer inspection, it seems someone left their shoes. They’re good shoes at that, and they seem to have been there for a while. Here’s the pic.

Abandoned Shoes

Then, along the sea I went a walking…

Just Beachy

And suddenly I found myself all alone:Abandon

So I hurried back up the dune. Why?

And the Storm Rolls In

The storm rolling in, that’s why! So I rushed back to the house and snuggled up in my PJs with a pot of hot tea and my discman (sue me, my ipod is broken). And while sipping my lovely Orange Spice tea, this was the view from the bedroom window:

Hail to the Hail!

And yup, those are hail stones!

So that was my day! Rinse and repeat twice, add in a trip to the swimming pool (with Jacuzzi and waterslides), and you have my beachy trip!


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