All about food

I have a lot of random and unrelated things to say about food, but no one thing actually garners enough matter to warrant an individual post. So here are a few of my food-related points.

1. Berries

I love berries. Really love berries, as in sometimes going to the market just to get berries. And I’m really excited that the first (straw)berries are starting to be sold again at reasonable prices, and that they’re from not too, too distant lands, and I can get as many of them as I want. After that, in June and July, we’ll get raspberries, and in August, there will be blackberries on the bushes along the bike trail to the hospital. What’s better at the end of a long day than taking a break on the way home to fill up your lunchbox with blackberries? Hmm, I can’t wait. And there’s also red berries, cherries, grapes, blueberries, boysenberries, blackcurrants…..

2. Salads

I love salads. I love almost every raw vegetable that can go into a salad. I have since before I can remember. My grandmother loves to tell the story of how slices of bellpepper would disappear from her cutting board whenever I came into the kitchen, and my mom had to hide the cucumber from me until dinner was served, or it would be gone. I would munch on a bag of leaves or baby carrots sooner than on a bag of crisps (unless there’s a party, then I love crisps too).

I can’t stand toppings on my salad though. I don’t particularly like cheese, to me salad dressing is vile 95% of the time and I don’t eat olives. Nuts are okay, but I really prefer my salad to be just veggies. Oh, and I don’t like any kind of vegetable on bread. Ick.

3. Cold sauces

Apart from apple sauce, I can’t think of a single cold sauce I come even remotely close to liking. Mayo is the worst thing anyone could have invented, if you ask me. I can’t eat anything with even a drop of the stuff on it. Yech.

4. Alcohol

I don’t drink any alcohol. Three reasons: I really, REALLY don’t like the taste, I don’t like the sense of losing control, and I have witnessed the misery of quite a lot of alcoholics in my family.

5. Desserts

Yum! Need I say more? Yes! I especially love ice cream, and I don’t particularly like anything with coffee. Or alcohol. Snap, difficult eater here! But, seriously, there are some great meal-finishers out there and I have a definite sweet tooth. That doesn’t mean I have dessert every day, though. Just when I feel like it.



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