Quick recap on my first six weeks as an Intern

  • Best compliment: Overhearing one nurse saying to a resident, “Emsy has such steady hands! She doesn’t shake, her head just gets really red when she’s nervous.”
  • Weirdest random fact learned: Some people get hives from vibrations
  • Most surreal moment: A woman getting combative with my resident, while I was taking her blood, over the correct use of grammar.
  • Lowpoint: My granny dying… Halfway through my first rotation I found myself in a country two seas over for a funeral, unsure whether I would see enough patients to make my evaluation quote (I did, thankfully).
  • Most frustrating moment: screwing up a computer quiz. I passed, by just 5 points, but my nerves got the better of me. I am used to a larger margin, folks
  • Most interesting thing I discovered about myself: I am such a perfectionist! I don’t think I’ve ever really seen how much I want to do things the right way…
  • Smelliest person: One of my fellow interns! I really want to hold my breath whenever I’m around them… I have yet to find a way to bring up the subject in a non-threatening manner.
  • Most random evaluation: By a professor who has been on holidays, who judges us to the level of someone who is a trained family physician. I understand his reasons, but the relatively low marks we got were hard to swallow for some of us interns.

I am now on a review/rest week…. My next rotation starts 7 days from today! I am so going shopping this afternoon!


1 Response to “Quick recap on my first six weeks as an Intern”

  1. 1 Lauren Grunstein September 7, 2008 at 10:35 pm

    sounds like you had a pretty cool internship and you learned a lot about yourself. I recently started a website called InternshipRatings.com.. It is a resource for students to rate, research and compare internships in various industries across the United States.

    I encourage you to rate your internship and let other students know what your experience was like. Check it out!

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