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Quick recap on my first six weeks as an Intern

  • Best compliment: Overhearing one nurse saying to a resident, “Emsy has such steady hands! She doesn’t shake, her head just gets really red when she’s nervous.”
  • Weirdest random fact learned: Some people get hives from vibrations
  • Most surreal moment: A woman getting combative with my resident, while I was taking her blood, over the correct use of grammar.
  • Lowpoint: My granny dying… Halfway through my first rotation I found myself in a country two seas over for a funeral, unsure whether I would see enough patients to make my evaluation quote (I did, thankfully).
  • Most frustrating moment: screwing up a computer quiz. I passed, by just 5 points, but my nerves got the better of me. I am used to a larger margin, folks
  • Most interesting thing I discovered about myself: I am such a perfectionist! I don’t think I’ve ever really seen how much I want to do things the right way…
  • Smelliest person: One of my fellow interns! I really want to hold my breath whenever I’m around them… I have yet to find a way to bring up the subject in a non-threatening manner.
  • Most random evaluation: By a professor who has been on holidays, who judges us to the level of someone who is a trained family physician. I understand his reasons, but the relatively low marks we got were hard to swallow for some of us interns.

I am now on a review/rest week…. My next rotation starts 7 days from today! I am so going shopping this afternoon!


Research Blues

I’m suffering from a bad case of report writer’s block. I need to finish my research report, so I can finally get my MSc. Of course, after doing the actual research I went travelling, and now I’m paying he price for not finishing the project at that time.

I have never been very good at writing official papers, which is something that fits perfectly with my general anxiety about exam-taking. It’s so hard to create something I’ll be judged on. So I have come up with many ways of avoiding the project. One of them is, oddly enough, sleeping. I have never slept in as long as I have been the past week. I’m usually up before my alarm goes off at 6am, but lately I’ve been waking up around 9 without even noticing I’ve turned the alarm off. I know the only way to get past this is sitting down and actually doing the writing, and that I only need a day or two of fulltime writing to finish once I get into it.

So what the f*** is stopping me?

It doesn’t help that there’s no set deadline. I don’t have to finish this (officially) until I want to actually get my MD, which is at least two years away. So sometime before that, I have to finish this. But who wants to be writing a report on research they did years ago and won’t be pursuing further in the near future? Especially during internships with 70-hour workweeks and shiftwork and too little time to sleep. So I really want to finish in the next couple of weeks. As in, write the last pages this week, and reference the last bits I haven’t referenced yet. Then submit the report to my direct supervisor and rewrite next week and submit the final report the week after that… But that does mean I’llĀ  have to actually write the rest of the damn thing.

And how do I do that?

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