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It’s oh so quiet…

I handed in my keys and credentials at the office yesterday. As of now, I’m officially unemployed, folks!

Truth be told, the decision to quit home care before I start interning was made years ago. It’s not realistic to work at both with the shiftwork of interning, even though the interning gig is still without pay here. But I’ve been working a lot lately (to save up) and I have to trust that my savings plus bursary plus government loans will get me through the next few years. My last few work days were better than I’ve had them in months, and I am really going to miss the clients as well as (some of) my colleagues. Really, I couldn’t have wished for a better last week after six years in this job.

Now I have a three week holiday before I start my intern program. Y’all, doing nothing is great! For a day or so that is. I sat on my balcony in the gorgeous sunshine today with my iPod, a book, a notebook, my to-do book, a Killer Sudoku and  a bottle of water I put in the freezer last night. I read the entire book, wrote some poetry, solved the Sudoku and came up with a bunch of fun (and some necessary) things to do in the coming weeks. Some decorating projects, some new biking routes to explore, a major house cleaning mission, a plan to get through my enormous pile of assorted paperwork, ideas for recipes to try out….

One day of peace was plenty for now! Back to Life tomorrow!

It’s supposed to get really, really hot tomorrow. A good bit hotter than today even. Not looking forward to that at all. Another thing is that I’ll be meeting my dad in the evening, to discuss the events that took place on our recent trip to his Homeland. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but I feel that unless I address the issues at hand, our relationship will sour fast. When it’s good between us, the balance is already very fine. So the relationship can’t take very many problems before it gets to major crisis point, by which time it can take months to even years to get things right again. I love my dad, but some of his behaviour is utterly unacceptable in my book, just as some of mine is surely just as unacceptable in his.

An issue I’ve been struggling with over the past weeks is also the troubled relationship between my mum and my stepdad (The Prick, TP). It’s gotten to the point where I feel my mum just needs to leave with my brother and sister, but she’s not ready and able to do that yet. But TP’s gone WAY over the line in my book, and also in the book of everyone else who knows about their troubles. But it’s kind of hard to tell my mum that I think it would be better for her (and the kids) to leave, since TP and I have not gotten along in the past 15 years EVER! (sorry, it seems I need the CapsLock key a bit here and there today).

I won’t go into details but leave it at that TP has been very abusive toward my mum IN FRONT OF THE KIDS a number of times in the last month or two. And my mum just keeps making excuses for him, and for the fact she’s not left yet. In short, I can’t seem to convey my concerns and the seriousness of the situation to her. And whenever I’m in the house, TP behaves utterly angelic toward me. Which makes me want to vomit. But getting into a huge fight with him with the kids around (the only time I’m ever there) doesn’t seem like a good idea either. So I use the “Avoid and Ignore” strategy. For now at least. I’m also looking at finding possible shelters or support groups for abused women for my mum in her area. Thankfully, my uncle is helping me out with that, as well as letting me blow off steam about it to him, because I was starting to feel a bit lonely in the situation. OMFG, I hate The Prick.

Any suggestions on how to handle the Parental Situations are most welcome. I’m just trying not to send myself into a downward spiral about the situations.


And a lovely day to you, too!

To afford being a med student, I work in home care. Most of the time, I really love my job. I love the interaction with my clients, I love that I can work independently and make decisions on how to better help people in need. I love that I am welcomed into peoples homes, and that they are still at home because of the facilities there are in place. Oftentimes, without home care, these people would be in a nursing home or even a hospital. I love the variety of clients I get to meet. I don’t even mind the poop and the piss of the incontinent clients. I love making a difference in their day.

Today, for instance, I helped a terminally ill (young) woman wash her hair, so she would be presentable for the visitors she was going to have over. I helped a woman with Sjogrens who had also broken a limb. I helped an alcoholic man with MS. I reminded a schizophrenic man to take his medication, get dressed and go to work. I helped a man with Parkinson’s under the shower, and helped him get dressed. And I helped a few people with little things (for me, not them) like putting their shoes on. All in all, a lovely day, wouldn’t you think?


**CAUTION: WORK-RELATED RANT BELOW** Continue reading ‘And a lovely day to you, too!’