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And a lovely day to you, too!

To afford being a med student, I work in home care. Most of the time, I really love my job. I love the interaction with my clients, I love that I can work independently and make decisions on how to better help people in need. I love that I am welcomed into peoples homes, and that they are still at home because of the facilities there are in place. Oftentimes, without home care, these people would be in a nursing home or even a hospital. I love the variety of clients I get to meet. I don’t even mind the poop and the piss of the incontinent clients. I love making a difference in their day.

Today, for instance, I helped a terminally ill (young) woman wash her hair, so she would be presentable for the visitors she was going to have over. I helped a woman with Sjogrens who had also broken a limb. I helped an alcoholic man with MS. I¬†reminded a schizophrenic man to take his medication, get dressed and go to work. I helped a man with Parkinson’s under the shower, and helped him get dressed. And I helped a few people with little things (for me, not them) like putting their shoes on.¬†All in all, a lovely day, wouldn’t you think?


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